Thursday, July 15, 2010

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come...

Actually, DH and I already made it to Kansas as of the second week of July, and we're not really in Kansas City. But I still wanted to use that song lyric regardless, LOL.

Running is *starting* to slowly pick up again, as is my weightlifting. I went to the gym last night and did a bunch of semi-heavy deadlifts (for me, that's around 120-145 lbs.), and my back is feeling them today. Oy.

I'm also checking out the races that are coming up in the area, and there are 2 half marathons scheduled in my vicinity in the fall... I think these would be great opportunities for me to PR for my half time. The first HM I did last year resulted in a 2:09 time. I believe that a 2-flat is within reach. But I gotta focus, focus, focus and train hard. Eeesh, the "focus" part is pretty challenging for me. I have to get back to feeling comfortable with, ahem, discomfort. And you runners know how "discomfort," whether in training or in a race, feels. It sucks while you're out there, and if you don't work through it, you feel like kicking yourself afterward for not sucking it up. Or at least that's how I feel after the fact.

Hope I can actually start posting mileages again here soon. I won't even make it to the 10 mile mark for this week. *sigh*