Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Search of Inspiration

I haven't updated here since my tapering began, mostly because PT is taking up some of my time, and partly because I don't feel inspired to write much at the moment. I was even talking with a friend tonight about writing projects, and I mentioned that I haven't been doing anything on that front, either. I just haven't been compelled into tackle anything of even a modest magnitude, so even writing a brief post is enough to put me into a tailspin. *whee*

Got flight tix to NJ, and will be heading up this weekend. DH and I will head immediately to packet pickup after we land. I'm really, really hoping the marathon goes well. I woke up this morning with the realization that it's happening, and a fleeting sense of panic. Good times.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Assess & Correct

Had my first-ever physical therapy appointment today, and it went well. It uncovered some surprising nuggets of information which threw me for a loop.

1. My quads aren't firing properly. Actually, my quads are also not that strong - shocking, especially because women generally tend to be quad-dominant. Apparently, I'm an exception.

2. My left hip is stronger than my right. Weird, considering I'm right-handed, so I presumed the opposite would be the case.

3. My core is weaker than I thought! However, when I did a plank for the physical therapist, she said my form was perfect. But there is always room for improvement here.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the results of today's session, and will head in a few times a week for PT. I'm actually really excited, because the corrections my therapist prescribed will make me a stronger, faster athlete. And I'll move closer to getting one of my goals of really tight, lean and strong abs.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My last long run before this whole May 2nd deal happens is now complete: 23 miles were done and over with as of April 10. Didn't feel any ill effects afterward, and while my hips and legs are still a bit tight, I think I can handle an E-Z recovery run tomorrow.

So now, it's taper, taper, taper 'til May! I'm so thrilled. And based on yesterday's time, while I can't do a 4-hour marathon now, I think it is within reach for next year. I'll just have to, ahem, train for a much longer period of time than say, 3 months. :P