Friday, September 17, 2010

Running Stats

It's always cool to use the reports feature on the community website that's set up for Garmin's Forerunner. So basically in the last 30 days I've done the following:

Count: 33 Activities
Distance: 100.86 mi
Time: 17:45:31 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 4,650 ft
Avg Speed: 5.7 mph
Avg HR: 148 bpm
Calories: 8,622 C

Always nice to see that this running thing of mine isn't a fluke.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This post will have nothing to do with running or training or anything exercise-related. But I wanted to share with folks my latest, and embarrassing, fixation... A German song for kids called "Schnappi Das Kleine Krokodil."

Here's the clip, if you want to bask in some absurdity:

I first heard it from my DH a few weeks ago, and I don't even know HOW he'd stumbled upon this song in the first place. However, he and I both speak a tiny amount of German, so we've been singing and humming the tune ever since we viewed it (seven times the first day, and many more viewings after that). Even worse is that we also got into another song from the same album called Schnappi Ein lama in Yokohama. What is it with Europeans and trippy children's music????

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Return of the Delinquent Blogger

I just wanted to post what's been going on with me lately. Nothing earth shattering (of course) but things are swimming along.

I've joined the local triathlon club in my town, even though it's confirmed my belief that I am definitely NOT attempting one, or will even start training for one, any time soon! It's simply too much activity for me, and the exercise I already do on a regular basis use up my energy reserves. And I'd like to conserve them for other things, like spending time with hubby or playing with the cat, seriously. However, the club has good discounts, Accelerade and sporting goods included. And the lure of Thai food and beer (they hold their monthly meetings at either a Thai restaurant or a brewery) is too much for me to resist. ;)

My first 10K in a while happened two weeks ago. I performed better than I'd expected, around 59 minutes. Considering the course is hilly and I'm a horrible runner on any kind of incline, I think this was solid. But I still want to reduce my 10K time - I've yet to match the PR of 54:49 I'd set months ago, grrrr....

I've also signed up for a 1-mile race, something I also haven't done recently. I'm doing this, the Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile in NYC. That'll probably be the only running I do while I'm in New York, LOL. But I can go super-fast and not worry about the after-effects!