Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Need for Speed!

Had a good time at Wednesday night's track workout, which was:
6x800m at 5K pace, 2 min. rest in between

I forgot to bring my Garmin with me. Instead, the coach timed my splits, and I got all circuits recorded, except for the fourth. Here they go:

Fifth split: Timed at 4:23, but the coach admitted she flubbed on the stopwatch, and said this split was probably closer to 4:00
4:01 for the last loop.

This is a PR of sorts, because the last time I did 800m repeats, they veered from 3:53 all the way up to 4:24, or something like that. I was fairly consistent this time around - a good sign!!!!

After track practice, I gave one of my friends some pumpkin-pecan bread. A lot of it, actually. :-) She was quite ace at polishing it off, too - it was gone in less than a day. However, I can't take complete credit for this production. My baking skills are rather iffy. Let's just say that without Williams-Sonoma, I wouldn't have pulled off this treat.

And my friend isn't the only one who can snarf down baked goods like there was no tomorrow, as evidenced by the above photo taken of me 2 weeks ago. That pumpkin turtle pie was worth it!

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