Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm on Fire Here!

I forgot to mention in yesterday's dispatch that I actually ran (Can you believe it?! Sometimes I really do go out there and run! :P) yesterday. I covered a total of 4.08 miles in 40:37, avg. 9:57/mi pace.

My original intention yesterday was to do a regular tempo run. But once I got past the first mile, I realized what I was actually getting was hillwork! It was hard, and I was slower because of the hills, which, by the way, weren't all that steep but still challenging enough because I became a flat-terrain wuss while I was training in Florida.

So I'm beginning to feel a tad bit more confident about my upcoming Austin Half-Marathon on Valentine's Day. While I doubt I'll be faster than the time I posted for the Palm Beach Half, I think I'll be able to tackle it now with more gusto.

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