Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diet Adventures

Now that my training volume has gone considerably down (and I mean, WAY DOWN - I only ran a total of 10 miles last week), I decided to take advantage of the situation and start a diet. I'm definitely one of those folks who can't do full-throttle training and adhere to strict dietary rules at the same time. If I'm training hard, I eat... whatever I want. :P And when I want to cut, I still work out, but not at the same intensity as when I'm in full-on omnivorous mode. That's just a recipe for a major disaster.

So my diet of choice turned out to be TNT. What drew me to it, you ask?

a.) there's no calorie or macros counting involved and
b.) it's a high-fat, low-carb plan*.

I'll be honest, my running hasn't been as exhilarating since I started this last week, and I've incorporated off-plan meals (i.e., low-fat carb-ups) to ensure I don't spin my wheels out on my long runs. But on the other hand, my overall energy levels have been steady, and I'm actually looking forward to my meals. I'm not stressing out over my eating, and I'm getting back in touch with my inner herbivore. Even with all the fat in the diet, the real secret weapon to its success is that you EAT.LOTS.OF.VEGGIES.

The fact that I sailed through the first week on this new plan enduring PMS is a miracle. I didn't even have a chocolate craving at all last week! I just had lots of coffee to counteract evil PMS, wheee...

I'll roll with this for 3 more weeks, and re-assess. I'm contemplating incorporating the general TNT principles into my maintenance eating, or going more paleo. We'll see.

*(And um, I like the fact that cheese, beef jerky and half & half are considered "compliant" on TNT, but low-fat anything is not.)

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