Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trial by Ice

My first race of 2011 kicked off with another "first" - a trail race! And a bona fide trail race it was. The Psycho Wyco 5K Ice Version was the real deal: no paved trails, lots of loose rocks, sudden elevation drops and climbs. And since the Kansas City area got 7" of snow last Monday, we also had snow and ice to contend with. Sweet.

It took me 46 minutes to complete the course. The fastest runner today clocked in at 20:34 - even at a regular paved race, that would be a very solid time. But in this race's context, that's amazing. The majority of us ran it anywhere from 30:00 to 1 hour, to add a bit more perspective.

Personally, I love that I had to walk or even slide down through certain stretches of the 5K. I think it's the first 5K where I didn't cross the finish line huffing and puffing. :-)

Since I didn't bring my camera with me this morning, here's a good roundup of today's race photos, courtesy of Dick Ross. However, they don't come CLOSE to capturing the fun we had out there, romping in the cold and snow. I am definitely signing up for another trail race as soon as I can!

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