Sunday, July 19, 2009

Still Here!

Even though my mileage has gone down the toilet in the past 2 weeks, it's only a small blip on the radar screen, in the grand scheme of things. I'm still feeling confident about the half-marathon. Don't know if running it in 1:45 is doable at this point, but I'm still aiming for it.

On other fronts, I have some serious paperwork re-organization to do at home, and have to figure out where to pick up in terms of my training schedule. Even being off by 2 weeks just makes me feel so discombobulated.

The ear issue is still there, and I'm scheduling an appointment with an ENT specialist for later this week. I've had enough. I'm currently on a new round of meds, and I actually spent almost an hour last Thursday going through my prescriptions, and figuring out when to take each. Up until now, I had never taken so many medicines in one sitting in my life. It's mind-boggling to me, people. :P

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