Saturday, July 11, 2009


That sums up my overall feeling the past week. Since the 4th of July I've had a clogged right ear, and finally went to the doctor's on Friday to have it checked out. (I'm one of those types who really tries to avoid going to any medical caretaker, but to no avail).

The diagnosis is an ear infection, and that explains why I haven't been feeling myself the past week. Initially I'd just chalked it up to monthly female issues, but there was indeed something else going on. Meh. My mileage this week consisted of 2 miles. Total shite.

So no long run tomorrow, and probably no exercise, period, for the next few days. And the world isn't going to end if I don't work out for a week. I have to keep that in perspective, because I do get paranoid about missing workouts - yes, even the ones due to illness. Funny how the Puritan work ethic gets in the way of rest and recovery.

Over and out.

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