Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm starting to fall behind in blogging here, so this is my little smack to myself to get back on the wagon. I'm still working with my running coach - diligently showing up to my Wednesday night sessions, and started making appearances at the group long-distance runs on early Sunday morning (as in, 6 AM early, and that's unfathomable for a night-owl such as myself). There are some very fun moments that occur during these training jaunts, like being told that I'm fast, even though in my mind I still move like a sloth. Or feeling exhilarated after an 8 mile run, and itching to cover more ground beyond that mark. But the rain and subsequent mosquitoes have put a temporary damper on that. I've been bitten 6 times in the last week by those f*$@!!&& bugs, so now I can't wear my beloved shorts. Bugger.

I'm thinking of running 10 miles this coming Sunday regardless. Maybe the solution to these bug woes is to find a pair of lightweight running pants. Also, a lightweight Hazmat suit, since I also just found out last night on the news that there may be rabid kittens in the neighborhood I go to for my Sunday runs.

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Irene said...

Hmmm... Hazmat suit. It *could* work! LOL. I was wondering what you were up to, as far as the blogging thing goes.

I guess the speed thing is all relative. You will always be speedy to the ones behind you, and slower to the ones in front of you. :) Find your happy pace and stick with it.

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