Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today's activity

Walk 10 minutes
Run 20 minutes
-Run pace: 9:30/minute

Soooo glad that I ran this morning, because the skies look ugly and stormy right now. Lightning is not a runner's friend.

While I'm glad and thankful that I pulled off a 9:30/mile pace this morning, still can't help but feel a teeny bit disappointed. I want to run a 9:00/mile pace again so badly!!!

Also forgot to update Thursday's running activity. I managed to meet up with my running club on Thursday evening, and do an additional 4 miles. It felt much better than that morning's run - much more relaxed, even though I was actually going at a faster pace. Go figure. I think it was because the sun was setting, I had Gatorade, and was conversing with people. Even though I didn't join the club to meet folks, it's true - it really boosts you to be around others. You feel motivated, and competitive.

Random observation of the day:
Anne Burrell and Guy Fieri resemble one another because of their hair. And Anne Burrell has a touch of the Rachel Ray presentation on her show, you know, where they both get all throaty and over-the-top at odd times ("Fresh basil!!! - YUM-O!!!!!!!!!!." And yeah, fresh basil's great, but it's not worthy of that level of enthusiasm, sheesh.)

Continuing on my Food Network theme, Tyler Florence has got to be the most boring food personality EVER. (For some reason, FN has been my morning TV viewing of choice the past week.) I can never remember what he's made on his shows, and I can't really recall him, period. Sometimes, it's better to be hated and disliked than to be considered a "whatshisface." At least you make your mark.

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