Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Speedwork Time!

Tonight was the first session with my running coach, and as I drove up to the park where it was held, I actually got a bit nervous. I hadn't done much running up hills in my thus-far-short running journey, and was pondering what would exactly happen at the meeting.

But I got there and was pleased to find out that things started with a 1.5 mile warm up run. OK - that's fine and manageable for me. I can handle it. Then the fun started with plyometrics! We bounded up and down on the grass, ran with butt kicks, knees up, skipped, hopped on one leg then the other, and then for the finale - squat jumps. *thud* I hate those. A LOT!!! I'll do 'em, but it doesn't mean I have to like them one bit!

The excitement, however, really ramped up with this circuit, which consisted of:

-Sprinting up a hill as fast as you can
-At the top, do 10 pushups
-Run/walk/jog to the bottom of the hill, then do 20 sit-ups

Repeat a minimum of 6 times, aim for optimum of 10 times.

I could only complete 7 circuits. And to my credit (because I'm all about giving myself credit), I did the full-on, military-style pushups for each installment. No on-the-knees ones for me. The sit-ups really did me in. I could barely lift myself by the last circuit. I also hate, hate, HATE, sit-ups. But I'm not feeling totally beat up, so things are going better than I'd anticipated.

The running coach commented that my form is good and efficient, but that I have to work on increasing my stride. Got it - the plyo better work its magic in this area, then.

Now I have a craving for cupcakes. Too bad I don't have any bake mix in the house to give into this!

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