Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Crap!

So... I've been really awful in keeping my blog up to date. What can I say, I'm very good on loafing around that time-suck known as Facebook, and my various forums, but lax when it comes to my own log.

I haven't gone crazy with entering races, but I did a local one by me in July (the Dreher Park Dash 5K), and made it to Disney's Race for the Taste 10K last Sunday. I'm especially proud of my results on the last one - even laid up with a chest cold, I ran it in under an hour (chip time: 57:38; clock time: 59:35). It was teh awsum. Allow me to add that a Disney race experience is fabulous. They are so well-organized - we started at 7 AM right on the dot, as promised - but still incredibly fun. Fireworks kicked off the race, and even though the course snaked through Epcot and Hollywood Studios (probably the least magical areas of Disney - as fun as they are, they not the Magic Kingdom), it was still sprightly enough so that 6.2 miles seemed like a piece of cake.

Wish I could wax more about it, but on to more races. Next stop: the Wellington Horse Country 10 Miler on Oct. 26.

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Irene said...

Hooray! You've posted! I really need to do a Disney race. A bunch of my track club friends ran the Disney half this summer and they said it was so much fun! As you've said, well organized. Maybe next year?

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