Thursday, February 11, 2010


Recently, I came across this interesting use of cottage cheese in a quasi-dessert recipe (I'll explain the "quasi" part later), and made a batch of it. It's dubbed "fluff," for a better lack of a word.

The basic recipe comes down to using 1 cup of cottage cheese (preferably fat free, or 1%) and 1 package of sugar-free Jell-O, your choice of flavor. Splenda and protein powder sometimes makes an appearance in some variations of "fluff," too. But I didn't want to spoil the recipe's pureness - heh - so I excluded them.

My only tweaks to this is that I strained the cottage cheese in a coffee filter to make it creamier, and I chilled the Jell-O so that it could really be, well, Jell-O. (You can wait for the mixture to reach room temperature when making fluff, but I also wanted to eat some of those nommy gelatinous squares all by themselves). You simply take the two ingredients, and blend them together until a pink, fluffy mixture is formed.

Mine came out looking like this:

I easily ate this in two servings. It came out light and pleasantly sweet, and it was also quite filling.

I referred to it earlier as a "quasi-dessert" because it's apparently favored among female figure competitors when trying to satisfy their sweet tooths, but with minimal caloric and carb damage. And let's be real here, this would never make its way to a normal person's dining room table! But for someone who's trying to drop a few pounds (ok, I admit, that's me at the moment), this is a good weapon in combating the hungreez, or a really bad case of the sweet munchies.

However, I can't help but add that when I saw my concoction, it reminded me of the pink slime in Ghostbusters 2. Remember how New York City's sewers in that flick got all clogged up with the stuff?

Pleasant eating everyone!


Irene said...

I wonder if it will work with tofu?

Joyce said...

It definitely will! Let me know how yours turns out if you make that version.

I'm making a 2nd batch of this soon, especially since I'll be having meatless Fridays during Lent (starting tomorrow). Gotta keep my protein levels in check.

Skybridge Studios said...

Hahaha...this is another recipe I must try. I have ff cottage cheese, but will also try it with tofu... that sounds great!

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