Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chugging Along

Today's run was cut short (again) due to the unpredictable rain that I've been seeing. I did put in a good 2 miles, though, so I'm not disappointed. Pace was 9:48/mile, but because I didn't warm up - I just launched right into things - it felt a lot faster than that. Whoa!

Anyway, I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee as my post-run recovery treat now, plus water. I'm not feeling ravenous right now. But I'm sure that will kick in once I get to my bellydance class later tonight, of course.


leslie said...

Bellydancing class sounds fun and cool! Enjoy!

Laurie said...

Okay you so can't call yourself a newbie with a 9:48 pace - I'm praying for single digits one day!

Joyce said...

Laurie - I still consider consider myself a running newbie because I haven't run 10 miles or over at a time. I think the farthest I've run so far has been a 6-mile session. I feel pretty unseasoned next to people who've been doing this for years now, too!

Leslie - I didn't think at first that I'd like bellydance, but it's really grown on me. :)

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