Monday, May 25, 2009

On the Road Again

Yesterday's & Today's Recap 
Completed 4 miles:  warm-up walk of 5 minutes, jogged for 2  minutes, then launched into running pace for the rest
Time: 40:38
Avg. pace: 10:24

This run felt incredibly great, despite my lethargic state earlier in the day. Once I hit the pavement, it's as if my energy reactivated and propelled me. It wasn't hard to sustain a brisk pace after my warm-up.  Temporary breaks from something can really help you - I couldn't wait to get out and run fast, and it showed here. Wish most of my running sessions could feel like this!!! 

Feeling really lazy right now. I'm actually very tempted to take a break from strength and kettlebell stuff this week, and just run and walk (and do my bellydance class). We'll see - I'm a fickle person and this thought may not stick anyway. 

And since it's Memorial Day, I'll share with you the over-the-top tale of a ghostly Marine named Camouflage.  

Always remember the men and women who've fallen in service to our country, but especially on this day. 

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