Monday, March 15, 2010


This past Saturday, my hubby and I ran in a St. Patrick's Day 5K in Temple, TX, that also served as a fundraiser for Scott & White Hospital in the area. However, my purpose for the race was purely selfish: I just wanted to do a short and simple race, and since it fit perfectly into my training schedule, I registered, and also signed up DH, just because.

I also wanted this 5K to be a PR opportunity. But as we got closer to the gun firing off, I got increasingly pessimistic and nervous. I don't know why - maybe I was feeling tired, and just not properly warmed up... And once we were on the move, I just knew then I wasn't in a good frame of mind at all. At the first half mile, I came to an abrupt stop, and said to DH that I just couldn't do it, I didn't want to finish the race and that I wanted to just drop out. He quickly set me straight and told me to just get myself together and continue running. After a few minutes, I got back on the road.

I ran solidly for the last 1.5 mile of the race, and I wish I'd started a new lap for the last mile on my Garmin; I suspect that was my fastest split.

Once everything was done, my chip time was 27:46, and my time back was 5:37. This wasn't my proudest moment because I still cannot believe that I'd let my mind mess with me so horribly in this instance, and it produced a very un-fun race in the end. It really could've been a lot more entertaining if I'd just gone with the flow. So for now, this is simply another race result to file away - that's that. I will try not to get choked like this again sometime down the road.

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Tons of 5k's around the will crush it!

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