Thursday, March 4, 2010

PR's and Personal Bests

Last week was chock-full of new personal bests in both my strength AND running workouts. It was as if the stars had aligned, and the universe was finally pulling in my favor. *snickers*

Strength-wise I deadlifted 130 lbs., then 135 lbs. Even better was the 80 lbs. I finally managed to do on bent-over rows! (Previously, I'd been stuck at the 70 lbs. mark for almost a year, ahem.) I also pumped out 1-arm dumbbell shoulder presses with 30 lbs. Shoulder work continues to be a hit-and-miss affair, so I'm feeling more confident about these gains.

Since my running schedule was low-mileage last week, my Saturday session was only a 10K distance. I decided to run this as a race, and not as my normal, take-it-easy self. I ran it fairly hard, and churned it out in 54:49. That beat my previous 10K, which I ran at Disney World, by almost 3 minutes. Smokin'.

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